Specialized Equipment & Expert Drillers

Specialized Equipment & Expert Drillers

Productive on all Terrain

Productive on all Terrain

Northern BC & Around the World

Northern BC & Around the World



At Black Hawk Drilling Ltd., we meet and exceed client expectations with our highly diversified and skilled team of professionals. With vast experience across Canada and overseas, we maintain field operations within the region as well as the ability to quickly set up in Africa, South America, and Mexico.

Black Hawk Drilling Ltd. provides a spectrum of services, with expertise in Fly, Skid, Ice, and Geotechnical Drilling.  In addition, we offer services in surface diamond drilling, man portable drilling, and geotechnical development.

With specialized equipment ranging from hand held drills to powerful machines reaching depths of 2000m, Black Hawk Drilling Ltd. is able to facilitate operations in remote regions of the planet and on difficult terrain. We have support policies and procedures in place that not only cater to the specific needs of our clients, but that also focus on maintaining long-term and lasting relationships.

Please feel free to inquire about supplying and finding the right equipment for your exploration or mining project. 

About Us

Based in Smithers, Black Hawk Drilling Ltd. is a family owned and operated diamond and geotechnical drilling company with over forty years experience servicing the mining industry. We have worked in regions all over the world, from remote jungles in ..read on ยป

Health & Safety

Our biggest commitment is to our employees and their families, ensuring that each and every one of them are safe and healthy, both in the workplace and at home.

Our Employees

Employees at Black Hawk Drilling Ltd. enjoy a safe work environment and a safety department to back them in any situation that may arise while on the job or at home. Our employees and their families are of the utmost importance to us.


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Community Involvement

Black Hawk Drilling supports the Bulkley Valley Exhibition & Fair, the SPCA, Ducks Unlimited, and NW Guide Outfitters.


We are always looking for experienced and qualified foremans, drillers, and general helpers. If you are interested in working with Black Hawk Drilling Ltd. please do get in touch and send us your resume and cover letter.

Photo Gallery

Check out some photos from various locations around the world that we have had the pleasure of working.


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